Kim Gyo-gak - Korean Buddhist Master 


People burn out because of various stressors and unexpected life adversities. I had encountered a series of devastating life adversities, more than those listed at the top of the webpage named "coaching". Objectively speaking any single one of the traumatic incidents could have easily knocked one down completely or made one develop destructive behaviours or living patterns , but I eventually survived with a positive, healthy, strong and creative mind as well as enthusiasm for life.  

Possessing a wide range of knowledge on health related subjects might have placed me in a better position to obtain help from various healthcare professionals in a timely manner. But on the other hand I did sense the limitations of the routine psychological services offered by the current healthcare system. In short most therapies offered are focused on listening to clients' issues instead of touching the base of solutions. As long as one does not make effects to dilute the intensity and frequency of the stressors, he or she would not be able to alleviate the severity of the impact the stressors might have on his or her health and well-being. 

I had endeavoured to dig deep and hold myself tightly through searching for new resources and acquire new skills to maximise my resilience and problem solving capacities. So had I tried harder to contemplate human life and sufferings from alternative perspectives, such as wisdom embedded in Eastern philosophy, I Ching, Buddhism, Chinese Taoism . It provides me with more persuasive and fresher angels to gain insights into torments and agony. Secondly the perception of Japanese people on trauma, dilemmas, grievance and death et al completely blew my mind away. It generates compelling reasons to persuade one to accept and handle stress and pain thus to continue living positively. 

In summary as a holistic well-being coach, I

  • Possess in depth knowledge on various holistic well being related subjects from the Eastern and Western perspectives 
  • Specialise in Health Promotion and psychological health with a trackable educational background and work experiences; 
  • Have in depth knowledge on Chinese BuddhismTaoism and Japanese Zen 
  • Able to speak Mandarin Chinese, Japanese & Korean and have a great interest in traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean cultures, particularly how life challenges are perceived and handled in their cultures; 
  • Possess lived experiences of surviving from a sequence of long lasting catastrophic incidents; 
  • Have a set of powerful skills ranging from health science, acupressure, meditation and Jingan & Changshou Gong, a deep understanding of I Ching, languages, cultural insights, art such as Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and various dance movements et al to maximise coping capacities, improve resilience and boost creativity

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